About friends.


This post is very personal, a diary from my life, dedicated for my soul mate – my best friend.

There is something about being surrounded by people close to me – Inesa and Barington, a wife and a husband. They are a wonderful couple, but I dear say a strange couple, which goes against all natural forces. I can assure that those who know them fall in love and never forget.

It was a late autumn when we had our weekend getaway in London, but it feels like yesterday. When wedding season was coming to the end and the madness never left my side, because of the lot of work I was tired. Then it strucked me – I have to do this! I simply wrote a short message:  “I’m coming”. I had just bought the tickets, but I was already worrying about the heartbreaking goodbye…

And I went to London to visit my beautiful friends.

Those who know me, are aware of the fact that I can talk about my dear Inesa for hours. My heart can melt when she sents  me a letter without a reason with just one sentence “I love you”, or I sit down surprised when she says “I have seen 64 films during the last two weeks”…  I can’t ditract my eyes from her beauty, because for me she is the most beautiful woman in all the world. In and out. We can talk without any secrets and she chooses to see only the best in me. Her warm personality makes smile even the grumpiest person.  I can never get tired of listening to Barrington’s stories because of his huge experience in life. Feeling so greatful for the quality time we got to spend. The weekend was filled with laughters and heartfelt talks. After this trip the sense of understanding feeling that the life is a miracle, love and light was with me for a long time.

And with the smile on my face now I  can see Inesa saying: “We are like two lovers who couldn’t be separated neither by distance, nor time, and it is fucking superb!”

Yes, Inesa, it is fucking superb…

P.S. Quite by a chance the life put it so that we both with Inesa are camera-women and that is why we are constantly debating whose turn it is to take a photo.

Nr . 4, 22, 85 and 94 photos by Inesa.

Music by Beady Belle “September”.